Congratulations to Wounded Knee Skateboards

Wounded Knee Skateboards and Stronghold Society were recently awarded a $20,000 grant from the Tony Hawk Foundation to support the creation of the Wounded Knee 4 Directions Skate Park on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

Pro skater Jim Murphy has teamed up with local advocates and members of the popular band, Pearl Jam to develop plans for a skate park on the reservation, which they hope will empower Lakota youth and bring change to a community that faces high rates of substance abuse, poverty, unemployment and crime. The Four Directions skate park has been building steam for several years and it’s exciting to see the plans get underway. From the Tony Hawk Foundation Website: “The THF Board of Directors chose the Pine Ridge skatepark as one of its top recipients with a 10,000-dollar grant. Board Members Chris Sacca and Ben Harper then each personally pledged an additional 5,000 dollars to ensure the Lakota-youth skatepark achieved its funding goal, and to add more rock-star support for this critical project.”

To read the full article and hear about another cool project that received funding in Cleveland, visit the THF Website.

Check out the designs for the Wounded Knee Four Directions Skate Park:

If you want to support Wounded Knee Skateboards and Stronghold Society in this awesome effort, contact Walt Pourier (of Nakota Designs) at 303-255-1730 or email