Happy New Year!

Todd Harder is thinking it’s time to wrap up 2009, even with all the doom and gloom they talked about, we had one of our Best years ever!

Red Paint, Native Skates and the All Nations Skate Jam had a great year and cannot wait for 2010!

Vans Shoes, new clothes, deck art show, Skate Jam, and maybe even a Skate Jam in Denver, S.Cal and more!!! Gonna be a EPIC year!

Big Thanks to all that helped and are gonna help, we couldn’t do it without you! Vans, Pepsico/RISE, NS, WK, NDM, Team Betsy, IPATH, American Nomad, Teresa, Christine, Red Paint Printing, Juice Mag., NMX, and all the sponsors we’ve had over the past few years!

We’re making a change for our youth and there’s no stopping… us now!

2009 was good

2010 is gonna be Better!