WHO – The All Nations Skate Jam (ANSJ) is a program of Nibwaakaawin, a unique, skate-centered nonprofit organization dedicated to the education and empowerment of Native youth whose mission is to foster creativity, build courage, enable cultural identity and pride, and promote non-violent and healthy physical activity through skateboarding. Nibwaakaawin is a 501(c)(3) Native non-profit organization.

WHAT – ANSJ is the largest and most prestigious Native-American skate competition in the world, attracting thousands of Native and non-Native skaters and spectators from around the country. ANSJ is featured in a major Smithsonian Institution exhibition on Native-American skateboard culture.

WHEN – ANSJ is a two-day event from Saturday, April 24th until Sunday, April 25th 2010. This is during the same weekend as the Gathering of Nations Powwow, North America’s largest powwow. Gathering attracts over 150,000 spectators from around the world and many Gathering participants also attend the All Nations Skate Jam.

WHERE – ANSJ is held in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Los Altos Skate Park, a 20,000 square foot concrete park that has bowls, pyramids, ledges, rails, and stairs to accommodate all types of skaters.

WHY – Native youth are at increased risk of childhood obesity, diabetes, participation in gang-related activities, drug abuse, and suicide. Skateboarding is the fastest growing sport on Native American reservations and many Native communities are building skateparks to give their youth an opportunity to exercise and socialize. ANSJ aims to direct the popularity of skateboarding among Native youth towards essential life-long skills and positive physical and mental health benefits.

SPONSORS – ANSJ sponsors include IPath, Vans, Gatorade as well as Native Threads, NMX, RISE, etc.

PRO SKATER PARTICIPANTS – ANSJ attracts pro skate legends like Tony Alva, Bill Danforth, Jim Murphy, Ray Barbee and John Cardiel as well as up and coming top-ranked amateurs like Bryant Chapo. Access to top pros and amateurs makes the ANSJ a destination skate competition for many skaters. The 2010 ANSJ expects participants from Florida, California, Arizona, Michigan, New York, Maryland, Colorado, South Dakota as well as many New Mexico communities.

MEDIA – ANSJ is featured in Juice Magazine, Fuel TV, Indian Country Today, Vans Off The Wall website as well as local New Mexico TV, radio, and print media.

PRODUCT – The 2010 ANSJ will feature the launch of Vans’ Pendleton shoe made exclusively for Nibwaakaawin and the ANSJ. Each year ANSJ launches new lines of skate product including decks and apparel from leading Native skate companies such as Native Skates, Wounded Knee Skateboards, Nakota Dogs Skateboard Movement, Full Blood Skates, and 4-Wheel Warpony and many others. Including this year, Native Threads with their new line of clothing.