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Benefit for Ann Arbor Skate Park!!

Support a skate park in Bemidji, MN!

Pepsi is donating thousands of dollars to community projects all across the country. The Bemidji Skate & Bike Association is asking for $25,000 to build a skate park, but they need your votes to get the money! It’s very simple to do. Visit Pepsi’s Refresh Everything site to vote. You have to create a username […]

Wounded Knee Skateboards at Skate Ignatius Skatepark

This ain’t your parent’s skate rink Skate Ignatius Skatepark commemorates first anniversary with hot dogs, competition and good time By B.L. Azure ST. IGNATIUS — Saturday was a good day to skate. And what better place to skate than the Skate Ignatius Skatepark, nestled beneath the world-class beauty of the majestic Mission Mountains. And if […]