Time flies when you’re skatin hard!

We can’t believe how time has flown and how much has been going on over at Nibwaakaawin! The Pendleton Vans continue to get national media coverage, Native Threads and Bryant Chapo are representing up in Canada this weekend, and our crew is getting ready to head out to the Indigenous Games in Milwaukee in July. Meanwhile, the Stronghold Society is gearing up for their big July event – the ONE GATHERING Skate for Life – July 9. Check out their website for more information strongholdsociety.org.

But let’s backtrack a bit. We’ve been so busy since the skate jam we haven’t had a minute to let you know how it went! Well it was awesome! We had a great turnout on Saturday with Pepsi/Gatorade, 4 Wheel War Pony, Native Skateparks, West Side Boys, Numunu Skate, Rockstar Energy Drink, New Mexico Extreme (NMX), the Mix Game Room, Vans Shoes, Native Threads, and many other vendors in full support. We had rockin music from Ethan103, Miracle Dolls, and many other local bands. We sold a ton of shoes and saw some great skating!

Things on Sunday didn’t go as well. It was cold and rainy and by the end of the contest it was actually snowing in Albuquerque! But we got through it and those who stuck around had a great time. Thank you to everyone who came out to skate or support the event! Check out our photo gallery for a closer look at what went down!

Pretty much as soon as we got back from the Skate Jam, we headed over to Menominee Wisconsin for a skate demo on the Menominee Indian Reserve. We had a great time. The riders were swarmed with kids wanting autographs. Hopefully we’ll get to go back! Check out some of the photos from that event as well.